Sunday, January 1, 2017

Ouija Cheese Box

So, I was able to score some cheese boxes pretty cheap at a somewhat local cheese shop and had an idea in mind. I've been wanting to do a wood burned Ouija project, and knew this would be a perfect platform! So, after stenciling the alphabet and everything, I got down to wood burning them. Lettering is not my best thing to do with a wood burner so this took awhile.

I decided to use a torch to burn around the edges and side of the top to give a more weathered look.

Then for the bottom part of the box, I mixed some brown and turquoise acrylic paint to give a faux patina.

I then covered the top and the painted parts of the body with a polyurethane coat. I left inside natural in to be able to store photos and papers inside. It gets pretty humid in Michigan, so I didn't want to run the risk of it getting sticky during the summer.

I added a piece of thick material to the bottom just to give it an extra touch!

I gave it as a Christmas gift and she really liked it!

I may make one for myself if I ever feel patient enough to do all the lettering again!