Thursday, September 8, 2016


   Hello! If you came here hoping to find handy tips and great advice, you may be disappointed. I am no homestead guru. I live life knowing that Murphy's Law (anything that can go wrong, will go wrong) not only exists, but happens on a regular occurrence. I look for the easiest and cheapest way to get something done. And, more often than not, it doesn't work out. I live by the motto "Live and Learn". I often make things up as I go, so if you want to follow along, it may be fruitless. Things do turn out the way I had hoped sometimes though. I will share my weird, crazy, and lazy adventures with you and maybe you can all "Live and Learn" with me.
   As for who I am, that is a hard question to answer. Demographically, I am an average mid-west housewife in my late 30's. Married for nearly 10 years now, we have no children, but do share our home with my parents and our collective 7 dogs and 4 cats. I like to travel, listen to music, read, take random photos, create different arts and crafts projects, watch various television shows, cook, eat, and garden. I like to browse the internet looking for helpful information and things for sale. I always have several projects going on at once and rarely have the ambition to finish them. I procrastinate, stay up late, and sleep in. I am a realist with a dreamer's heart.
   I currently have some projects going on that I hope this blog will help motivate me to finish. We burn wood for our heat source. It costs less monetarily, but uses a lot of time and energy to prepare. My husband is trying to come up with some sort of wood processing center. We've seen some interesting videos on YouTube with different inventions people have come up with. By taking some of their ideas and using the materials we have available, we will create our own system. I will try to document that project and let you all know how it works (or doesn't). We also need to build some sort of wood shed and maybe some sort of ramp to our wood stove in our basement.
   Another ongoing project is the den in our house. When we moved in it had this beautiful stone fireplace and brickwork on the opposite wall. But the rest of the room was extremely dated. There was gold shag carpet, drop ceiling tiles, and dark wood paneling. We have the room stripped of most of the stuff and are (very) slowly updating it.
   I always have other random projects going on from preserving and processing food, to arts and crafts projects. And, of course, fall brings back many of the television shows! I will be giving my opinions and reviews weekly. These will contain spoilers so I will probably do them on Monday nights.
   Another thing I would like to do is share the music I listen to. So every post I will post a YouTube link to a song on my playlist. I also will give shout-outs and links to other things I enjoy or find interesting. If any of you would like to share your favorite things, tips and what-not, go ahead in the comments! I like to learn new things and branch out of my little world. Please no spam!
  Well, thank you for stopping by and we'll see how ambitious I get this week.

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