Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Middle of September Already!!!

  I can't believe how fast the month is going by! Autumn is nearly upon us so I dug out the outside fall decor. I keep it pretty basic until October, then I get out the jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and witches! I've been working on a few projects but not really completing any. That is the norm though. At least I get around to starting the projects. I won't post any pictures today since none of the projects are presentable yet. And, I've just been too lazy to go upstairs to get my camera.
  Tomatoes are still slowly rolling in. I didn't plant many plants, but the crop has been awesome this year! I have one cherry tomato plant that is still producing about 10 ripe tomatoes a day. Two roma plants that sprawled all over their cages and out into the lawn! They are still producing a few ripe ones a day. And 3 steak tomato plants that are nearly done. I haven't gotten the total tally yet but I have well over 50 jars a various tomato products that I've canned in the past month and a half! Not bad for the few plants I have. My crock of sauerkraut won't be ready for another month yet, but this batch is looking pretty good! I started one a couple weeks before this one and had to throw it out as the water somehow drained out! I made some last year and it turned out perfect! This time I added a small head of red cabbage to the 2 giant heads of green, and shredded up a carrot to see how it would turn out.
  I started to organize my basement but still have a ways to go. Since my parents came to live with us after having a house fire, storage has been a little limited. I have plenty of room in the basement but its not very efficient. So, while browsing Pinterest I found some ideas for making a shelving unit for all the plastic/rubber totes I have all over the place. I made the shelves with the scrap wood I had lying around and, it worked out pretty well! I still have a lot of stuff to go through yet, so I haven't taken pictures.
  I also started to re-pot some of my outdoor annual foliage to bring inside for the winter. We purchased some sweet potato vines and coleus from a local greenhouse and they were so pretty this year I can't part with them! I'm going to see if I can keep them alive through the winter. With 7 dogs and 4 cats, we shall see how that works out.
  The last project we worked on was for my husband. We went to my parents' property to get it ready for hunting season. My husband hunts whitetail deer. Bow season starts October 1st, rifle season November 15th, and muzzle-loader season starts in December. He hunts all three seasons so he has a lot of stuff to set up! All his trails had become heavily overgrown. So, we had to clear those, and make some new ones in the process. He has a new ladder stand, so we had to find a nice tree to set it up in. The wild grape vines are everywhere on that property, so it was quite a battle getting through to a large tree! It took us until dark to get a path cleared and we didn't get the stand set up yet. Hopefully the weather holds up this weekend so we can finish.
  On Friday, my hometown is having their Homecoming football game. I plan to attend the parade with some friends and maybe go the game as well. Saturday is my birthday. My husband and I plan to go to Pinconning, Michigan. There is a sporting goods outlet store that is having a drawing for a crossbow package. We've been binge watching The Walking Dead and I want to try out a crossbow. Apparently, they have some you can try out. Not sure if I would actually like one so I want to try it out before I buy one. There are also some cheese shops there too I want to check out as well. Then, maybe out to eat at a nice place, and maybe see a movie. I really want to see Bridget Jones' Baby. I like the other two movies and am a fan of McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) so its a win/win for me!
  I'm sure Sunday we will be back in the woods at least part of the day. I also want to get supplies to finish out our front room too. We need to get some blown-in insulation and rent a machine to install it. Then, I want to get some paneling for the ceiling. Too much stuff for one weekend, I'm sure.
  Well, I will try to get some pictures up next week and hopefully have some finished projects to share. Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

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