Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Altered Book/ Art Journal

So I've been really inspired to finally try my hand at making an altered art journal! I have been looking at videos and on Pinterest for inspiration and finally have gotten started! I found a couple of old cookbooks from the 1970's that had been sitting in my basement. They are still in really good structural condition and I rarely use cookbooks anymore, so I figured they would make a great base for this sort of project!

I tore out half the pages throughout the book and will most likely need to take out more as I go, but its a good start! I started with the book on the right for myself. The other book I will most likely make into a gift or do some other project later on as it has less pages.

So, I had some hand carved stamps I received from craft swaps, and a thesaurus from the dollar store, and some pre-painted paper, and got started! The opening cover page!

 I may add more to this later on, but this is it so far! It says "the lazy house wife chronicles" with stamps and thesaurus pages. And a beautiful hand carved goddess stamp!

It was titled Secrets of Better Cooking, but I painted over the "Better Cooking" and pasted in some witchy (witch, witchcraft, witchery) terms instead! Also hand carved god and goddess symbol stamps! 

This is the first set of pages that I will fill in with probably a mixture of handwriting and such. I don't have any sort of outline. I'm not nearly that organized lol! I have a few other random painted pages pasted in as well. This is just the start yet.I will update as I work on it!

I would love to see all of your books/pages as well!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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